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Easy create profil and start finding your dogs playdate in secunds.


During the walk connect with others.

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Connect and share your pictures with others.

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You will not need it, but just in case, we are here.


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Send messages to friends.

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Schedule your walk with others.

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Hire dog walkers.

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Share videos with your friends.

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Find nearby dogs.

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Share pictures with your friends.

And much more!

New features coming. GPS Smart necklace is coming soon!


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“I love Doggy Walk. I highly recommend it. Everyone Try It Now”

- Maria Rucner

“Doggy Walk, uvijek imam nekog tko će mi prošetati psa kad sam na putu :) Hvala vam!”

- Mario Vukelić

“Keep it up guys your work ules, Cheers :)”

- Ana Šapina


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Osijek, Croatia

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